Car Care Cleaning Videos

A clean car will...
  • Retain its value and prolong the life of your car
  • Increase fuel economy
  • Lower maintenance and repair costs
  • Improve safety with better visibility
  • Reduce stress AND help you look cool!
Larry Kosilla, professional auto detailer, offers quick how-to car care videos, courtesy of AutoBlog.

How to remove coffee stains from your carpets
Did you know that the technique for removing black coffee stains is different
than coffee stains with cream and sugar?

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How to remove salt stains from carpets
How to remove dog hair from car interiors
How to remove coffee stains
How to properly vacuum your car
How to clean cloth seats
How to clean leather seats 
How to condition leather seats 
How to clean your steering wheel 
How to clean seats belts
How to clean interior windshield glass 
How to clean car headliner 
How to clean your car radio

How to wash your car in 15 minutes 
How to dry your car's paint safely 
How to rinseless wash your car 
How to wax your car 
How to polish car paint 
How to properly clean rims 
How to shine tires and avoid tire sling 
How to clay your car 
How to maintain an automotive clear bra 
How to use a steam cleaner 
How to remove light scratches 
How to repair a deep scratch 
How to fix a rock chip 
How to remove car stickers 
How to remove car emblems 
How to clean your engine's surface
How to clean exterior glass 
How to clean exhaust tips 
How to clean and restore black plastic trim
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