FREE DELIVERY to your Doorstep

Rochester Ford NH provides the ultimate in convenience and hassle-free buying with FREE DELIVERY


As a convenience for our customers, you can buy a new Ford from the ease of your home or office at the lowest price, guaranteed, and we will deliver it to your doorstep – anywhere in New England and surrounding communities. REALLY!

Have a trade? No problem

We’ll even take your trade upon delivery. Simply complete our trade appraisal form to get started and we will agree on a trade value based on your input.

Based on Honesty and Integrity

It’s all done online and over the phone right up to your delivery. Rochester Ford NH agrees to sell you a car for an established price, and where there is a trade involved, you agree to accurately describe the condition of your vehicle so that we can determine its value (sight unseen). We are pleased to say that of hundreds of door to door deliveries throughout New England, we have never run into a case where a customer embellished the condition of their trade that jeopardized the sale. Ford owners have the highest integrity around, and so does Rochester Ford NH.